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Adult Dance Classes Trial Offer

Come and try out our beginner-friendly adult dance classes for ages 18 and above! New students of our academy can now enjoy a first trial class special offer at $30(+GST).


Our adult dance classes are conducted at studios conveniently located in Singapore ‚Äď Forum The Shopping Mall (Orchard) and i12 Katong. Book your trial class by submitting the form below.


Jazz Funk Adult Dance Classes

Jazz Funk is a fusion of different genres of dance such as Hip Hop and Jazz. It often involves fast and intricate movements, syncopated musicality and exudes femininity. It is a form of commercial dance mostly seen nowadays in many music and dance videos. It can be fierce, cute, sensuous or all at the same time. Unleash your inner diva with this popular style! 


Contemporary Adult Dance Classes

Contemporary dance incorporates many different styles such as ballet, jazz, lyrical, and modern dance. A certain character that contemporary dance has is its strong and controlled legwork that is similar to that of ballet.


Lyrical Adult Dance Classes

Lyrical dance is a popular style that takes students on an exploration of ballet movements in a looser fashion incorporated with floor work, core strength, and musical interpretation to tell a passionate and emotional story.


Jazz Adult Dance Classes

This is a high energy class that introduces the basic elements of Jazz dance techniques, combining exercises across the floor, turns, and leaps. Different dance combinations will be explored each week.


Hip Hop Adult Dance Classes

Hip Hop teaches you to groove and move to just about any music. It trains your musicality while working on fundamentals such as body isolations, bounce, groove, and much more. Hip Hop has become increasingly popular as many have deemed it as an enjoyable way to get fit while making new friends in a fun setting.


Tap Adult Dance Classes

Tap dance aims to teach dancers how to be more rhythmically inclined movers. It incorporates a lot of intricate footwork, musicality, and timing which filters through to all others forms of dance in a very positive way. It is a form of dance that allows you to be loud and strong, while also knowing how, when and where to be soft and quiet.


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About Us

All That Jazz Dance Academy is a dance school in Singapore that provides a high standard of dance education to foster personal development and excellence in the arts. Students are taught by highly qualified professional dance teachers in a nurturing, safe, and fun environment. Our adult dance classes are conducted at two studios conveniently located at 10 Winstedt Road (near Newton MRT) and Forum The Shopping Mall (Orchard).

"The staff and teachers are all very professional in their work. Highly recommended!"
Cehcile Budiao Arradaza
"An amazing dance school! One of the best in Singapore!"
Ann Marie Regal
"Love this school! Wide variety of classes, great teacher. Makes you love to dance."
Roana Bianca Brito

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