2020 Autumn Kids' Dance Camps at All That Jazz Dance Academy

2020 Autumn Kids’ Dance Camps


Sign up for our week-long Autumn Kids’ Dance Camps available from 5-23 October 2020. Specially created for kids aged 3 to 17, the program includes fun activities such as learning a choreographed dance, games, and crafts. Students will get to put on a short showcase performance at the end of the week. Suitable for beginners as well as those with some dance experience.


All dance camps will be held in our studios. We will be adhering to strict health-checks and precautions such as temperature taking, physical distancing before during and after classes, safe entry scanning, frequent hand and space sanitizing, as well as any other guidelines set by the authorities. Any students who are feeling unwell should refrain from coming to class.


Due to current restrictions, we have very limited spots for each dance camp so book yours before they run out!


Studio locations:

◆ Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road, #02-05

◆ 10 Winstedt Road, #01-05


Camp fee:

$350 (+GST) per student. Each dance camp runs for 5 days at 2.5 hours per day. Please sign up using the form below.


To view each camp’s available schedules and locations, please click on “Select a class” in the form. The camps that are no longer available or sold out will not be included in the form.


For any enquiries, kindly contact us here.


Lil’ Breakers (Ages 3-6) ~ Street Dance

Come along and learn to pop and break with the coolest beats around. We’ll teach you how to move like street dance masters while having lots of fun along the way. Learn to freeze, flow, break, shuffle, whip, and much much more at this energetically charged street dance camp!


Monster Mash (Ages 7-10) ~ Street Dance

Join in our most monstrous dance party and have fun learning street dance moves with the craziest monsters out there. You’ll get to strut your stuff with your fellow little monster dancers at the end of the week in your mini showcase.


Hip Hop Master (Ages 11-17) ~ Street Dance

Spend the week with us to learn hip hop dance moves from the likes of legends such as Micheal Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, and many more. Graduate as a Hip Hop master with a special mini showcase performance at the end of your camp.


Circus Extravaganza (Ages 4-6, 11-17) ~ Acro Dance

The circus is coming to town and we are looking for acro dancers to join us. Learn to walk with poise, balance, kick, roll, tumble over and under, and more through a jolly good time under the big top!


Ninja Warriors (Ages 7-10) ~ Acro Dance

Ever wanted to learn how to tumble, roll, cartwheel, and bend away in stealth mode like a ninja? Join in this intensive dance camp as we embark on a journey to becoming great ninja warriors through learning the fundamentals of acro dance.


Animal Flow (Ages 3-17) ~Contemporary Dance

Let your inner animal out and allow the rhythm of the music to flow through your body in this contemporary dance camp. Explore the natural movements of animals while allowing the rhythmic drum beats to take you on an adventure amidst imaginative jungles.


Enchanted Forest (Ages 3-17) ~ Lyrical Dance

Come and join us in this magical lyrical dance camp as fantastical characters in an enchanted forest. Lyrical dance’s flowing expressive movements enable you to stretch, leap, flow, and twirl while nourishing your creativity and imagination.


Princess Academy (Ages 3-10) ~ Ballet

Put on those tiaras and gorgeous gowns as we step into the dancing shoes of the most beautiful Disney princesses such as Cinderella, Belle, and Jasmine. Learn their ways of being beautiful, poised, and elegant through storytelling and the movements of ballet.


Magical Fairies (Ages 11-17) ~ Ballet

Explore the magical world of Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker as beautiful dancing fairies in this ballet-themed camp. You will be learning ballet technique as well as the use of drama as an expressive tool.


To view each camp’s available schedules and locations, please click on “Select a class” in the form. The camps that are no longer available or sold out will not be included in the form.


These are seasonal week-long dance camps. If you are interested in our regular dance classes, please visit here.

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