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ISTD Ballet & ADAPT Jazz & Tap

Ballet/Jazz/Tap Combo

This combination class is offered to dancers who are between the ages of 5 to 7 years old. It is a fun-filled class tailored specifically for this age group’s unique attention span and dance ability. It gives them an opportunity to experience 3 different styles of dance before deciding which ones are the perfect fit. It will introduce and expose them to the basic technique and terminology in each genre, giving them a head start and advantage should they decide to continue their pursuit of dance. The students have the opportunity to take exams in ISTD Ballet and ADAPT Jazz & Tap syllabus.

Ballet as a core foundation of the various dances provides students with the tools to flourish in their future dance learning, while Jazz & Tap provide a more upbeat, high energy experience. With Jazz, the dancers become more expressive and artistic and Tap helps them with count, fosters musicality and precision.

Ballet & Jazz Combo

This core program is offered to students from Grade 2 onwards (Ages 8 to 17+ Years). This class will focus on the terminology and discipline of classical ballet technique. All of our Ballet classes in Singapore will include barre exercises which helps the student to improve alignment, balance, and posture. We will also have Center work which will consist of adagio, petite allegro, grande allegro, and across the floor.

Ballet lessons in Singapore is required for all competition and company students, as it is the foundation for developing proper and strong technique which is beneficial in every style of dance.

Jazz consists of a broad range of different styles and elements as well as tempo and dynamics. This genre also includes lots of showmanship, attitude, and personality. Many of the technical elements of ballet carry over into this style with slight variances that “jazz” it up. Leaps, turns, jumps, strength and great flexibility all contribute to the foundation of a great jazz dancer.

The class structure will incorporate all of the above elements as well as combinations moving across the floor and a variety of choreography. The students have the opportunity to take exams in ISTD Ballet and ADAPT Jazz syllabus.

ISTD and ADAPT - Ballet, Jazz & Tap

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD)


The ISTD was formed in 1904. Today it is the only organization that covers the full spectrum of dance syllabi and examinations on a world-wide scale.


The ISTD promotes attitudes, knowledge and skills of dance in all its forms. One of its primary objectives is to maintain and improve teaching standards world-wide to ensure that students receive the highest standards of technical training. Each year thousands of students in many different countries around the world will have their proficiency evaluated through the examination process. Teachers are also qualified through an examination process and are kept up-to-date through courses, congresses and revisions to the syllabus documents.

With the ISTD programs, we strive to achieve a high standard of technique and learning and hope to produce intelligent dancers who think on their feet. The syllabi will focus on Knowledge and understanding, Application and action (technique), Autonomy and accountability (safety and responsibility).


Examinations are provided in Imperial Ballet and Students can start from 5 years old onwards.


Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT)


A.D.A.P.T is a certified dance teaching syllabus, updated regularly and offering yearly examinations in Jazz Dance. A.D.A.P.T stands for “Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers” and we are the first dance school in Singapore to implement the syllabus.


This examination program intends to develop strong, disciplined, and confident dancers, with the highest of technical standards. It is highly recommended for students considering dance as a vocation and will assist in preparing them to enter today’s world of dance from both a technical & performance aspect.


Ultimately, students will be working towards Jazz Examination for which they will receive a mark, feedback, and a certificate from the examining body which is recognized worldwide. Participation in exams give students a clear standard to strive for and assists in developing a set of qualities that are useful both within and outside of the dance world such as goal setting, discipline, focus, confidence, posture, and a strong work ethic to name a few.


Students may join the program on the basis of their level of experience in jazz and classical ballet, their core strength, posture and flexibility. Students must train in Ballet alongside their ADAPT jazz classes to keep up with the technical demands of the syllabus. A high level of commitment and discipline will be required.


UDO - United Dance Organization

UDO Street Dance Syllabus

The UDO Street Dance Syllabus is designed to enable dancers to gain accreditation in Street Dance, from a pre-primary level through to a teaching level qualification. It introduces the foundations in the various styles and branches of Street Dance from Beginner to Competitive or Professional Dancers.

The world of Street Dance is evolving. While most places in Singapore will offer open classes, or only a certain style of Street Dance depending on which studio or teacher they are learning with, here at All That Jazz, we do things differently!

We aim to provide both structure and progression, exposing children to the various styles (Urban, Old School, Hip Hop, Breaking, Locking, Popping, House, etc) from an early age on, and teaching them the basic foundation steps, styles and moves that they may otherwise discover only very late in their learning journey and grow from there!

This Syllabus is suitable for children aged 3 years onwards, all the way to professional vocational certification in Street Dance / Hip Hop Dance.


Rambert Grades Contemporary

Rambert Grades - Contemporary

Our contemporary dance programme follows the prestigious Rambert Grades Syllabus. Contemporary dance is about authentic expression through movement. Hence it is not tied down to any single aesthetic or style. In order to fulfil such diverse needs, contemporary dance classes at All That Jazz will comprise three sections: Technique, Creative, and Performance, as per Rambert Grades.


Rambert Grades is a pioneering contemporary dance syllabus born from the partnership between two of the world’s leading contemporary dance organisations: Rambert and Rambert School.


The 8-grade syllabus offers students the opportunity to develop lifelong skills. Rambert Grades encourages young people to own their individuality, be playful, work in a present manner, think independently, relate with others and have confidence in decision making while learning and embodying our three strands, Technique, Performance and Creative.

Technique focuses on the pre-requisites for clear, fluid movement; building strength, coordination, fine motor skills, articulation; preparing the dancers’ physical instrument to express fluently with their body, and also able to realise diverse choreographic vision efficiently.


The Creative segment is where we nurture thinking artists. We aim to free each dancer’s unique individual voice to express themselves without inhibition. This is done through open ended creative tasks where students improvise response to stimuli, which may take the form of verbal instructions, or artistic works (poems, paintings, photos, videos), or even just sensory input the dancers are experiencing.


In Performance, we aim to expose the dancers to as wide a breadth of contemporary styles as possible. From aesthetics based in ballet/jazz, to soft fluid movements, to pedestrian everyday movements put together to express a concept, or even references to street dance. Teachers will teach choreography based on their own background, reference other styles they are familiar with, and even invite the students to choreography their own through a series of creative tasks.

The Rambert Grades syllabus is progressive and inclusive and is designed to be accessible for people from all backgrounds. Rambert Grades teachers are taught to promote a safe environment where physical explorations can exist without rigidity, yet with focus, discipline and collaboration. Students are seen as individuals and encouraged to express their ideas and discover their unique voices.


Each grade includes exploring how to create material and improvise, learning all elements of technical skill to the highest standard, from floorwork to complex leaps, and performing solo material from renowned choreographers, Hofesh Shechter and Alesandra Seutin.


Rambert Grades is an awarding organisation recognised by Ofqual.


ADTA - Acro Dance Teachers Associate

ADTA - Acro Dance

The Acro Dance Teachers Associate is a Syllabus of Acro Dance Founded by Mellisa Klassen. The programme offers classes starting from 5 years old onwards working to build the core foundation of dance and acrobatics together to build the perfect balance in each Acro Dancer. All of our Acro Classes begin with a Cardio warm, after this we build on stretching and flexibility with our Center Stretching program. We work towards building the flexibility in the body for acro and dance skills needed in class while also gaining strength in the body to be able to achieve the best results in all aspects. Following this we move into working on our Acro Skills starting from standard Forward rolls going all the way into Back Handsprings & Aerial. Working with our trained professionals in the correct movements and alignment for each skill while maintaining a safe environment and building up the student’s repertoire. The acro skills acquired will compliment any dance choreography.

The Academy also offers yearly exams for students looking to go above and beyond in the Acro dance side of the dance world. These give the students a chance to shine and really see all of their hard work pay off with an achievement that they can take with them in the future.



The Performance and Competition company at All That Jazz Dance Academy, is a carefully selected group of performers who are required to train several hours per week in a variety of styles including Ballet, Jazz and Acro.

The Company and its corresponding teams attend and perform at various showcases, community events and competitions throughout the year to represent the Dance Academy. This program offers the highest level of training with a strong focus on performance techniques, style, choreography and teamwork. Dancers learn how to prepare and rehearse as a team, work through nerves, focus amidst adrenaline, and thrive under bright stage lights in a competitive environment. This training is priceless! All of this can translate into higher self-esteem, radiating self-confidence, improved public speaking, and so much more.

Participation in the program is based on an audition or invite only. Once selected you will be working with highly trained professionals to get ready for the amazing journey ahead. If you are interested in this programme, do contact us for more details and an audition.

Summer Dance Camp 2024 [May - Aug 2024] is now open for registrations!