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Open Classes


This class is designed for serious dancers wishing to excel in Jazz by taking additional Jazz classes per week. Jazz dance Singapore is your first class, and you would add Jazz Tech as your second Jazz class. Jazz Tech is a wonderful compliment to Jazz with an emphasis on flexibility exercises, contemporary Jazz styles, and technique!


This is a very popular style of dancing where the students can use their balletic style and knowledge in a looser fashion. The lyrical style also gives the students a chance to experiment with floor work, whilst incorporating their technical knowledge and ability. Lyrical dance also really challenges your core strength and more importantly, your sense of feeling to difference styles of music. Lyrical jazz is a very passionate and emotional dance style. It portrays certain emotions such as love or sadness, and tells a story through every movement made.


Turns and Leaps class gives the students a chance to focus on perfecting their technique needed to execute both their turns and leaps. In addition to this it also introduces them to a much more advanced level of the two techniques, and it gives the students a generous amount of time to have our assistance with the two in order to progress.


Hip-Hop is a popular style of dance that introduce a very commercial feel. As part of music and culture, Hip Hop originally formed during the 1970s when block parties became increasingly popular in New York City. Here at our Academy, the Hip-Hop classes give the students a chance to really experiment with the movements to stylized rhythmic music, and find their own niche within performing the style.


Street Jazz contains a blend of several styles of hip hop, popular street dance styles, and jazz. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to their movements.


This class is designed to help systematically increase security and control in pointe shoes. The technique at this level is very demanding and students must have acquired proper strength and ability to safely participate.


A form of dance where the students use the sound of their tap shoes as a percussive instrument. Dancers in our tap dance class in Singapore will gain a range of skills including musicality, rhythm and balance.


Jazz dancing is entertaining to watch, fun and active to participate in. Jazz features a combination of unique moves, intricate footwork, leaps and quick turns. Jazz enhances a dancers grace and balance. Hip-hop is exciting, active, and expressive, and your kid will love it for all of those reasons. But you will also love it because it is fast becoming one of the best ways for kids to stay active and grow up strong. Hip hop encourages kids to move their entire body and get comfortable within their own skin, both physically and socially.


A great class for both boys and girls, this class is a combination of Hip Hop and basic break dancing. This groovy class will teach the fundamentals of both Hip Hop and break dancing.


Mommy & Me are dance classes for toddlers. It is a fun learning environment for both mother and child, not only stimulating the learning process in the child but nurturing the existing bond between mother and child in a way that allows the mom to break away from the stresses of parenthood, while learning how to simultaneously play and grow with your child.


RAD & ISTD Ballet, ADAPT Jazz & Tap

Ballet/Jazz/Tap Combo

This combination class is only offered to those dancers who are between the ages of 5 to 7years old. It is a fun beginner class tailored specifically for this age groups unique attention span and dance ability. It gives them an opportunity to experience 3 different styles of dance before deciding which ones are the perfect fit. It will introduce and expose them to the basic technique and terminology in each genre, giving them a head start and advantage should they decide to continue their pursuit of dance. The students have the opportunity to take exams in ISTD Ballet and ADAPT Jazz & Tap syllabus.

Ballet & Jazz Combo

This core program is offered to students from Grade 2 onwards (Ages 8 to 17+ Years). This class will focus on the terminology and discipline of classical ballet technique. All of our Ballet classes in Singapore will include barre exercises which helps the student to improve alignment, balance, and posture. We will also have Center work which will consist of adagio, petite allegro, grande allegro, and across the floor. Ballet lessons in Singapore is required for all competition and company students, as it is the foundation for developing proper and strong technique which is beneficial in every style of dance. Jazz consists of a broad range of different styles and elements as well as tempo and dynamics. This genre also includes lots of showmanship, attitude, and personality. Many of the technical elements of ballet carry over into this style with slight variances that “jazz” it up. Leaps, turns, jumps, strength and great flexibility all contribute to the foundation of a great jazz dancer. The class structure will incorporate all of the above elements as well as combinations moving across the floor and a variety of choreography. The students have the opportunity to take exams in ISTD Ballet and ADAPT Jazz syllabus.

RAD, ISTD and ADAPT - Presentation and Syllabi

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)


The RAD was founded in 1920 to set standards for dance teaching within the UK. Today, it has a presence in 84 countries and a quarter of a million students being examined in the RAD syllabi.


The RAD method, is a ballet technique and training system, specially devised by its founders, who merged their respective dance methods (Italian, French, Danish and Russian) to create a new style of ballet that is unique to the organisation. The RAD method produces a style of ballet that has become recognised internationally as the English style of ballet.


The most identifiable aspect of the RAD method is the attention to detail when learning the basic steps, and the progression in difficulty is often very slow. While the difficulty of an exercise may only increase slightly from grade to grade, more importance is placed on whether the student is performing the step with improved technique. For example, plie exercises are employed consistently throughout the lower grades to enable the student to progressively deepen the plie and improve turnout. The principle behind this is that if enough time is spent achieving optimal technique before introducing new vocabulary, the easier it is for the student to learn the harder steps, while exercising basic technique to the maximum at all times.


The Graded Syllabus is designed to meet the needs of young people aged 6 and up who attend ballet class once or twice a week. The syllabus has been carefully structured by a panel of experts beginning with Pre-Primary and followed by nine levels of Primary through to Grade 8. These touch on the full spectrum of qualities a youngster may gain from the study of ballet such as: awareness of one’s own body and its capabilities for movement; expression and sensitivity; the sense of achievement which comes from mastering a goal and moving on to the next challenge. These levels are all geared with a growing child’s physical, emotional and artistic development in mind. Above all, the Graded Syllabus is designed to be enjoyed. It should bring pleasure as well as sense of achievement of the student who progresses from one grade to the next. The natural delight in dancing is combined with the knowledge and self-discipline gained by the study of classical ballet. Annual examinations are not compulsory but will help parents and teachers measure the student’s progress and level of achievement.


Students can move from Graded Examinations to Vocational Graded Examinations at an appropriate time, or they can study both pathways simultaneously. All That Jazz Dance Academy offers classes in the full range of RAD Examinations and several students study syllabus work alongside other styles of dance.


Vocational (Major) Examinations are designed to measure the progress of students 11 years of age and older who wish to become professional dancers or teachers, and a very high standard of execution is required. The examinations fall into five levels (Intermediate Foundation / Intermediate / Advanced Foundation / Advanced 1 / Advanced 2).



Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD)


The ISTD was formed in 1904. Today it is the only organization that covers the full spectrum of dance syllabi and examinations on a world-wide scale.


The ISTD promotes attitudes, knowledge and skills of dance in all its forms. One of its primary objectives is to maintain and improve teaching standards world-wide to ensure that students receive the highest standards of technical training. Each year thousands of students in many different countries around the world will have their proficiency evaluated through the examination process. Teachers are also qualified through an examination process and are kept up-to-date through courses, congresses and revisions to the syllabus documents.


The ISTD is primarily a dance examination board, with teacher members delivering its syllabi to students in both private and mainstream education. The majority of people who study the ISTD syllabus are people pursuing dance as a leisure activity and the organisation provides a structured examinations system that caters for participants from beginner to professional level.

With the ISTD programs, we strive to achieve a high standard of technique and learning and hope to produce intelligent dancers who think on their feet. The syllabi will focus on Knowledge and understanding, Application and action (technique), Autonomy and accountability (safety and responsibility).


Examinations are provided in Imperial Ballet. Students can start from 5 years old.


We conduct classes for the following grades:


ISTD Grade 1 to 6
ISTD Vocational Pre-Inter to Advanced



Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT)


A.D.A.P.T is a certified dance teaching syllabus, updated regularly and offering yearly examinations in Jazz Dance. A.D.A.P.T stands for “Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers” and we are the first dance school in Singapore to implement the syllabus.


This examinations program intents to develop strong, disciplined, and confident dancers, with the highest of technical standards. It is highly recommended for students considering dance as a vocation and will assist in preparing them to enter today’s world of dance from both a technical & performance aspect.


Ultimately, students will be working towards Jazz Examination for which they will receive a mark, feedback, and a certificate from the examining body which is recognized worldwide. Participation in exams give students a clear standard to strive for and assists in developing a set of qualities that are useful both within and outside of the dance world such as goal setting, discipline, focus, confidence, posture, and a strong work ethic to name a few.


Students may join the program on the basis of their level of experience in jazz and classical ballet, their core strength, posture and flexibility. Students must train in Ballet alongside their ADAPT jazz classes to keep up with the technical demands of the syllabus. A high level of commitment and discipline will be required.


The A.D.A.P.T levels are:


Junior 1, 2, 3
Pre-Intermediate 1, 2, 3
Intermediate 1, 2, 3



This class is perfect for those who would like to perform on stage and compete in dance competitions. The class focuses on dance and performance techniques, style, choreography and team work. Competition gives our dancers the opportunity to be on stage in a professional environment. This training is priceless! Dancers learn how to prepare and rehearse as a team, work through nerves, focus amidst adrenaline, and thrive under bright stage lights in a competitive environment. All of this can translate into higher self-esteem, radiating self-confidence, improved public speaking, and so much more. Students will be selected by their teacher once they are ready to join the Performance Team of ATJDA.


The performance company at All That Jazz, is a carefully selected group of performers who are required to train a minimum of 5 hours per week in all styles including Ballet, Jazz and Tap. The performance company is asked to attend and perform at various showcases, community events and competitions throughout the year to represent All That Jazz Dance Academy. This program offers the highest level of training with a strong focus on technique and performance. Participation in the program is based on an audition or invite only.



This class will teach classical ballet technique, terminology and etiquette. Each class includes barre exercises, center floor work, and across-the-floor combinations. This class is structured to provide the core foundation for all dance styles.


Inspired by street dance styles, this class will teach today’s hottest hip hop moves, as well as old school dance styles. Dancers will develop body strength, flexibility, and increase stamina through this high energy class that is sure to get you grooving and sweating! All experience levels are welcome. Dress comfortably and bring a pair of clean sneakers for the dance floor.


This is a high energy class that introduces the basic elements of Jazz dance techniques, combining exercises across the floor, turns, leaps. Different dance combinations will be explored each week.


Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet, jazz and contemporary techniques. Most lyrical dance is primarily based in ballet, but allows for more freedom of expression through movement. This is a mixed level class where all are welcome.   Dance experience is not required, just a desire to move and dance!


Tap dance is a form of dance, characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Tap class aims to teach dancers how to be more rhythmically inclined movers. Tap incorporates a lot of intricate footwork, musicality and timing which filters through to all others forms of dance in a very positive way. Tap is a form of dance that allows you to be loud and strong, while also teaching dancers how, when and where it is appropriate to be soft and quiet.