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Street Dance Classes For Kids

We are now offering the UDO (United Dance Organisation) street dance syllabus from the UK, where students can participate in examinations. This program includes high-quality street dance training and examinations to set industry standards and to reward achievement and progression. The comprehensive UDO syllabus is designed to enable dancers to gain accreditation in street dance, from a pre-primary level through to a teaching level qualification. You can find more information about UDO here.


This is now available for all our Jazz & Hip Hop Combo classes, as well as Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, and Street Jazz classes. Exams are optional but highly encouraged. Students will be taught a more structured class introducing them to different styles of Street Dance such as Popping, Locking, Hip Hop, and House.


Our dance studios are conveniently located in Singapore’s central areas – Forum The Shopping Mall (Orchard),10 Winstedt Road (near Newton MRT), i12 Katong (East Coast Road), and Dance On Us (Claymore Hill).

Our Dance Programmes

Jazz & Hip Hop Combo

• Mini (Ages 5-7) / Junior (Ages 7-9)

Jazz dance features a combination of unique moves, intricate footwork, leaps, and quick turns. It enhances a dancer’s grace and balance. Hip hop is exciting, expressive, and is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for kids to stay active and grow up strong.


Jazz & Hip Hop Combo

• Mini (Ages 5-7) / Junior (Ages 7-9) / Pre-Teens (Ages 10-12) / Teens (Ages 13-17)

Hip hop is an upbeat urban style of dance that is constantly evolving. This high energy class is accompanied by rap, hip hop, and pop music. Students will be able to experiment with various movements and find their own niche within the hip hop dance style.


Hip Hop & Bboy

• Junior (Ages 7-9)

This is a great class for both boys and girls where students will learn the fundamentals of both hip hop and break dancing.


Jazz Funk

• Pre-Teens (Ages 10-12)

Jazz funk dance is a fusion of hip hop and jazz styles. It often involves fast and intricate movements and is commonly seen in music and dance videos. It can be fierce, cute, sensuous or all at the same time.


To browse our complete list of dance classes, please click here. For any enquiries about our classes, please contact us here.

Dance Classes In Singapore – Sign Up For A Trial

All That Jazz Dance Academy offers dance classes in Singapore for both kids and adults where students are taught by highly qualified professional dance teachers in a nurturing, safe, and fun environment.


Our popular dance classes in Singapore are conducted at studios located at Forum The Shopping Mall (Orchard),10 Winstedt Road (near Newton MRT), 8 Claymore Hill (Orchard), and i12 Katong (East Coast).


Some of our most popular dance classes in Singapore include:

Mommy & Me (Ages 22 months-3 years)

Our Mommy & Me classes provide a fun way to stimulate the child’s learning process through dance while also nurturing the existing bond between parent and child.

Twinkle Tots and Twinkle Stars (Ages 3-5)

Our Twinkle Tots and Twinkle Stars classes are great for toddlers with the option to choose between Ballet & Jazz combo, Jazz & Hip Hop combo, Street Dance, and Acro dance. These classes are a fun way for toddlers to pick up social skills while building physical and mental strength.

Musical Showstoppers (Various ages)

Explore the history of musical theatre and dive into the magical world of showbiz while learning some of the “triple threat” skills of acting, singing, and dancing. The many benefits of learning musical theatre include developing self-esteem, confidence, and creativity while building performance skills and a portfolio of songs.

Ballet (Various ages)

Ballet helps dancers build their strength and agility while boosting concentration and rhythmic skills. We offer a variety of Ballet courses from Foundation Ballet to Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT), as well as combo classes with Jazz and Tap options for kids of all ages and experience levels. Selected students can choose to take the ISTD Ballet exams.

Jazz Dance (Various ages)

Jazz is an energetic dance form that showcases a dancer’s originality. Students are taught techniques like fancy footwork, leaps, and turns. We offer a variety of Jazz dance classes ranging from Foundation Jazz to combo classes with Ballet, Tap, and Hip Hop options. Selected students can choose to take the ADAPT Syllabus Jazz dance exams.

Street Dance (Various ages)

Street dancing offers a great way for dancers to work on their physical strength and stamina as well as flexibility and self-confidence. We offer popular street dance classes such as Hip Hop, Bboy, Street Jazz, Jazz Funk, and Hip Hop & Jazz combo. Our street dance classes are based on the UK’s UDO Syllabus and selected students are given the option to take exams.

Lyrical Dance (Various ages)

Lyrical dance combines the elements of ballet and jazz and is all about smooth, fluid movement and expression of emotions. It is often performed to songs with lyrics and focuses on the dancer’s emotional responses through the use of movement to convey a story.

Contemporary Dance (Various ages)

Contemporary dance is all about flexibility and the connection of both body and mind through fluid movements. It is an expressive style that combines elements of classical ballet, modern, jazz, and lyrical dance. It also puts emphasis on floor work, improvisation, and versatility.

Acro Dance (Various ages)

With a focus on fundamental acrobatic and tumbling moves, this class teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline, and concentration. Students will learn skills such as front and back rolls, headstands, backbends, cartwheels, walkovers, and back handsprings. This class is strictly floor work with a gym mat and students do not perform any gymnastics with bars or beams.

New students of our academy can book a trial class with us at $30 (+GST). Spots are limited! Click on the button below and click on “Show All” to select by age and book your trial class.

For any enquiries on our dance classes in Singapore, please contact us here.

We will be adhering to strict health checks and precautions such as temperature taking, physical distancing before, during, and after classes, Safe Entry scanning, frequent hand, and space sanitizing, as well as any other guidelines set by the authorities. Any students who are feeling unwell should refrain from coming to class.

Our Commitment to Your Safety

We strictly adhere to health precautions, including temperature checks, physical distancing, Safe Entry scanning, and regular sanitising, to ensure everyone’s safety.

Get started with our dance classes by booking a trial session for $30 (+GST). Please note that spaces are limited.

Summer Dance Camp 2024 [May - Aug 2024] is now open for registrations!