Online Dance Classes FAQ

What should I do if there is a lack of adequate space in the house for an online dance class?

We have tweaked our lesson plans to accommodate students with space constraints. Some of our students are also using outdoor spaces such as the balcony or patio.


The student’s lessons are on weekdays when the parents are not at home and helpers/guardians do not know how to operate the online classes.

We have created a straightforward instruction manual with clear and easy instructions on how to log in for your online classes. Instructions have been sent to all parents of our current students about how to use Zoom and you can find it here. We have also sent a direct link to parents for them to share with the helpers/guardians. Please email us or call 6262 0109 / 6262 1570 if you have not received it.


For new students who have signed up to trial our adult online classes, you will receive all instructions from us via email.


I don’t have a laptop available for use at home. How else can I access the online classes?

You can also access the online classes using your iPad, smartphone or Tablet.


The younger students may find difficulty in following and focusing during their online classes. How will the teachers be able to guide them online?

Our interactive lessons are conducted live online, which allows our teachers to continue engaging actively with students in real-time. This is similar to a physical class setting where teachers are able to manage students and push for them to focus and join the rest of their classmates.


Teachers are able to see all students at the same time. They are also able to zoom in to each individual dancer to assess and make corrections when necessary. We have also come up with lesson plans to accommodate each student’s usual dance curriculum.


Will I get my money’s worth? How do you ensure that the student will continue to receive the same standard of education via an online setting?

Our lessons will continue to proceed as planned. Each student’s lesson plan will not be changed but instead, they are tweaked and adapted for an online class setting. We will continue to provide all students with the same high-quality dance education that you have come to expect from our team. On top of this, we are also offering a 30% discount on our normal class fees for our online classes.


We are currently offering our trial online live dance classes at a special rate of $15(+GST). If you would like to sign up for a trial live online kids’ dance class with us, please browse our available classes and book a trial class here.


*NEW* Adult Live Online Dance & Fitness classes now available for trial. Learn more and sign up here.