Popular Kids’ Online Dance Classes Now Available!

All of our dance classes are now taught live online via the Zoom app which can be downloaded for free and accessed on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Our lessons have been adapted for the home setting and are suitable for both beginner and recreational dancers, as well as those pursuing a comprehensive formal dance training with performance opportunities.


Some of our most popular kids’ online dance classes include:


Mommy & Me (Ages 22 months-3 years)

Our Mommy & Me classes provide a super fun way to stimulate your child’s learning process through music and movement while also nurturing the existing bond between parent and child.


Twinkle Tots and Twinkle Stars (Ages 3-5)

Our Twinkle Tots and Twinkle Stars classes are great for toddlers with the option to choose between Ballet & Jazz combo or Jazz & Hip Hop combo. These classes are a great way for toddlers to pick up social skills while building physical and mental strength.


Ballet (Various ages)

Ballet helps dancers build their strength and agility while boosting concentration and rhythmic skills. We offer a variety of Ballet courses from Foundation Ballet to Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT), as well as combo classes with Jazz and Tap options for kids of all ages and experience levels. Selected students can choose to take the ISTD Ballet exams.


Jazz Dance (Various ages)

Jazz is an energetic dance form that showcases a dancer’s originality. Students are taught techniques like fancy footwork, leaps, and turns. We offer a variety of Jazz dance classes ranging from Foundation Jazz to combo classes with Ballet, Tap, and Hip Hop options. Selected students can choose to take the ADAPT Syllabus Jazz dance exams.


Street Dance (Various ages)

Street dancing offers a great way for dancers to work on their physical strength and stamina as well as flexibility and self-confidence. We offer popular street dance classes such as Hip Hop, Bboy, Street Jazz, Jazz Funk, and Hip Hop & Jazz combo. Our street dance classes are based on the UK’s UDO Syllabus and selected students are given the option to take exams.


Lyrical Dance (Various ages)

This is a flowy and free-spirited dance style that allows students to experiment with ballet and jazz techniques, as well as floor work while challenging their core strength and developing their musicality. Each movement tells an emotive story, allowing dancers to passionately express the emotional spirit of the music in a deeply moving way.


Contemporary Dance (Various ages)

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several genres including modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet. It stresses versatility and improvisation with dancers striving to connect the mind and body through fluid movements performed to various different styles of music.


Tap Dance (Various ages)

Our Tap classes teach students how to be more rhythmically inclined movers, incorporating techniques related to intricate footwork and musicality. We offer a variety of Tap classes from Foundation Tap to combo classes with Ballet, Jazz, and Tap options. Selected students can choose to take the ADAPT Syllabus Tap dance exams.


New students of our academy can sign up for a trial online class with us at a special rate of $15 (+GST). If you enroll for weekly classes with us, you will enjoy 30% off our regular in-studio rates for our online courses. Spots are limited! Click on the button below to select and book your trial online dance class.


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We are also running online dance and fitness classes for adults during this circuit breaker period, learn more and sign up here.

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"Love this school! Wide variety of classes, great teacher. Makes you love to dance."
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