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  • Being part of a competitive dance team can be a great opportunity for your child to learn the skills of performing at a higher level in front of an audience.

    Your child will:
    - gain ARTISTRY and CREATIVITY through dance choreography
    - receive FEEDBACK from dance professionals (judges) that can help your child to EXCEL and IMPROVE
    - grow a stronger sense of TEAMWORK and connect with other dancers through additional COMMUNITY EVENTS
    - increase SELF CONFIDENCE and set tangible GOALS to measure growth through dance competitions

    The Performance & Competitive Dance Team focuses on HEALTHY competitive qualities such as time management skills, dedication to a team through peer support, and breaking through personal barriers.

    The performance and competitive dance program is an opportunity for students wishing to pursue dance in a serious manner to explore various genres of dance. Our program not only provides top-quality dance instruction but also creates an environment where students can develop self-esteem, self-discipline, self-confidence, the ability to work with others, and the ability to follow directions. The performance and competitive dance teams will be competing in several national dance competitions and performances throughout the year.

    Students prepare for competitions and performances in the dedicated choreography classes and develop their skills and technique in their other classes. The team members are training as a team for their various classes and all dancers are expected to attend their regularly scheduled classes in addition to all rehearsals and performances.
    As these are dedicated classes at a dedicates performance and competition training centre, there will be no option for replacement classes. There is strictly no proration on fees, but families can pause their fees for up to 4 consecutive weeks per calendar year (can be split into two pauses of two weeks).

    Along with the prestige and highly accelerated learning that is part of being a member of our Performance & Competitive Dance Team, there are numerous responsibilities that both parents and dancers should adhere to:

    - Competitive students must have excellent attendance and punctuality
    - Competitive students must participate in all competitions required competitions, whether these fall on a weekday or on a weekend
    - Competitive students must be able to participate in community events (showcases, recital, etc)
    - Competitive students must maintain a high degree of self-discipline and motivation as being a member of the Competitive Team is a privilege
    - Competitive students must participate in dance exams to uphold their standard and build credibility in their dance training, whether these fall on a weekday or on a weekend
    - Competitive students must not compete with another dance studio
    - Competitive students are not allowed to attend workshops, auditions, events, etc with another dance studio without seeking prior permission
    - Competitive students must not miss any classes four weeks leading up to competition
    - Competitive students and their parents are ambassadors of the faculty and must have a positive and supportive attitude towards All That Jazz, its students, staff and teachers inside and outside of class
    - Parents are responsible for ensuring fees are settled on a monthly basis via our Auto-Pay system.

    As this is a team environment, failure to live up to these commitments impacts the other team members and therefore could jeopardise your position in the team. Therefore it is important that you are fully aware of the expectations and are fully committed to fulfilling these commitments, working hard and contributing to a successful performance and competition team.


    All students in each team are required to attend the minimum number of classes per week to be eligible to be part of the team. You have received the specific requirements for each age group together with the audition results.

    There will be no replacements for absences as the training is tailored for the team members to develop and learn together at a dedicated venue and a dedicated time slot. The Academy is allocating a lot of resources to support this training and dancers are expected to attend and progress.
    Should there be an absence due to exceptional circumstances, each member is responsible to catch up on the work and choreography and the academy will endeavour to send videos and exercises to support this process.


    Being part of the Performance & Competition program means we view your child as ready to leap into the next step in their journey of dance. This means that we anticipate stronger kicks, tricks, great core strength, etc. We recommend and offer the Petite Competitive Team level and above the opportunity to participate in Solo/Private lessons with a designated teacher which will also allow your child to grow independent confidence and perform these solos at competitions and performances in the future.

    If a dancer is assigned a solo, private coaching for solos will be offered at a sponsored rate of $100/hour as part of our scholarship. It takes 6 sessions of 1 hour to learn the choreography with the teacher, and the full fee of $600 will be charged in advance with the applicable gst. Dancers should make it a priority to learn their solos by the end of 2023, but some extension may be given this season to finish the last few sessions in early 2024.

    Regular solo clean ups are needed to be performance ready, and the academy reserves the right to decide if a solo is not performance ready to go on stage for a given competition.

    The same conditions apply for duets and trios, and the rate will be $90/hour per student instead.

    Each competition entry fees are priced differently. Prices are anywhere from $50 to $100 per entry. Groups, duets and trios split the costs.
    Costume fees for recital and all competitions will be dependent on the costume. Prices range from $120 - $250 each excluding accessories and props.
    Reminder: dancers will get a costume for each group pieces, solo(s) and recital pieces.

    Participating and passing yearly dance examinations is mandatory for students in this program.

    Note: Scholarships are only available to competition and performance team members. If for any reason your child is no longer part of the team, the scholarship will no longer be applied.