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    Students prepare for competitions and performances in the dedicated classes and develop their skills and technique in their core classes. All dancers are expected to attend their regularly scheduled classes in addition to all rehearsals and performances.

    Along with the prestige and highly accelerated learning that is part of being a member of our Performance & Competitive Dance Team, there are numerous responsibilities that both parents and dancers should adhere to:

    - Competitive students must have excellent attendance and punctuality
    - Competitive students must participate in all competitions
    - Competitive students must be able to participate in community events
    - Competitive students must maintain a high degree of self-discipline and motivation as being a member of the Competitive Team is a privilege
    - Competitive students must participate in dance exams to uphold their standard and build credibility in their dance training
    - Competitive students must not compete with another dance studio
    - Competitive students must not miss any classes four weeks leading up to competition
    - Competitive students are ambassadors of the faculty and must have a positive and supportive attitude towards All That Jazz, its students, staff and teachers inside and outside of class

    As this is a team environment, failure to live up to these commitments impacts the other team members and therefore could jeopardise your position in the team. Therefore it is important that you are fully aware of the expectations and are fully committed to fulfilling these commitments, working hard and contributing to a successful performance and competition team.


    All students in each team are required to attend a minimum number of mandatory core classes per week to be eligible to be part of the team. Performance team classes will be conducted in addition to required core classes. The specific requirements for each age group can be found in the attached documents.


    We want to make the performance group affordable for everyone who is selected.
    - All performance and competition training classes will be fully sponsored by the Dance Academy
    - Private coaching for solos will also be offered at a 30% sponsorship during non-peak hours (peak-hours is defined as weekdays between 4-8pm and on weekends).

    Note: These sponsored rates are only available to performance team members. If for any reason your child is no longer part of the performance team, the sponsorship will no longer be applied.